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I'm Dr. Edwards
How May We Help You?

I'm Dr. Edwards
How May We Help You?

I'm Dr. Edwards
How May We Help You?

Our Veterinary Services

Dental Care

A dental checkup can identify any signs of dental disease…

As well as loose, broken or chipped teeth and swollen gums.

Bring your pet in for a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning

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Online Pharmacy

Your pet’s health is our priority!

Shop the best products for your pet.

Enjoy exclusive savings and free shipping

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New Puppy / Kitten

We love to meet your new member or members of the family!

Our new puppy and kitten care package includes an examination and scheduling for vaccinations given in 3-week intervals.

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Laboratory Services

When your pet is not feeling well, quick and accurate diagnosis of the ailment is critical for optimal healing.

Our in-house laboratory can run many of the tests required for diagnosis.

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Microchips are an excellent, easy way to identify your pet in case he/she gets lost or runs away.

This small identification chip is permanently implanted under the skin between the shoulder blades.

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X-rays are extremely helpful in diagnosing not only broken bones but also internal issues.

We have state of the art radiology (X-ray) equipment on site.

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Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Edwards is excited to offer Medivet Regenerative Therapies to her patients.

She has performed stem cell therapy on nearly 100 patients since 2012 with excellent results.

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There are times when our patients require surgery.

We have a veterinary surgeon on staff who performs Spays and neuters on a regular basis plus more complex operations.

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Preventive Care

It is important for your pet to have yearly wellness examinations.

We will check your pet’s vital organs and systems & make sure all vaccinations are up to date.

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Customer Comments

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Words Cannot Describe How I Feel!
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Mitchell Kennedy

Words cannot describe how I feel about this clinic. Dr. Edwards has taken care of my dog since I moved here four years ago. One time far and above what I would have expected. I will stay with this group as long as I own a pet...

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I Have Been Going Here Forever!
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Caleb Rogers

I have been going to Pecan Grove Veterinary Hospital since I was a child with my family pets growing up, and now an adult with my own animals there is no other place I would trust my pets health.

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Dr. Edwards is Outstanding!
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Michelle Beckle

I thank God for her. She is given our Tigger the most amazing care possible. Even if Tigger kitty doesn't make it I have the peace from God and Dr Edwards he will not pass in suffering.

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Dr. Edwards is Amazing!
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Regan H.

You can tell she really knows what she's doing and also has a solution.
Dr. Edwards took one look at my cat and knew it was just a food allergy.

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This is the Most Caring & Reasonably Priced Veterinary Clinic!!
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Mary D.

Dr. Edwards is thorough, honest, very skilled as a vet, personable, kind, and so very caring. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable as well.