Customer Comments

Words cannot describe how I feel about this clinic.

Dr. Edwards has taken care of my dog since I moved here four years ago.

One time far and above what I would have expected.

I highly recommend she and her professional staff.

I will stay with this group as long as I own a pet…

—  Mitchell Kennedy

I have been going to Pecan Grove Veterinary Hospital since I was a child with my family pets growing up, and now an adult with my own animals there is no other place I would trust my pets health.

Doctor Edwards is an amazing veterinarian, she is knowledgeable, helpful and very kind.

You can tell she loves the animals as much as the owners do.

I highly recommend Dr. Edwards and Pecan Grove!

—  Caleb Rogers

Dr. Edwards is Outstanding! I thank God for her.

She is given our Tigger the most amazing care possible.

Even if Tigger kitty doesn’t make it I have the peace from God and Dr Edwards he will not pass in suffering.

She’s amazing.

I consider her in top 10 percent of Vets in Phoenix Metro.

I pray that God will bless her amazing ways.

I hope and pray God provides everything she needs for her practice.

She’s is one a million.

This type of doctor in any area of medicine almost never exists!

—  Michelle Beckle

Dr. Edwards is Amazing!

You can tell she really knows what she’s doing and also has a solution.

I was going to another vet that made me pay several hundred dollars for tests and medications that didn’t work…

Dr. Edwards took one look at my cat and knew it was just a food allergy.

She saved me a lot of money and for that I thank her.

I will be going to her as long as she is open.

—  Regan H.

This is the most caring, reasonably priced veterinary clinic!!

Dr. Edwards is thorough, honest, very skilled as a vet, personable, kind, and so very caring.

The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable as well. I’m so grateful to have found Dr. Edwards years ago, and so are my shelties!

—  Mary D.