New Puppy / Kitten Care

We love to meet your new member or members of the family!

Our new puppy and kitten care includes a complete examination and scheduling for vaccinations.

Both puppies and kittens require several vaccines that need to given in 3-week intervals.

If your new pet has already received some or all of these shots, please bring the paperwork with you so we can record them into your pet’s health record.

And PLEASE, keep your puppy close to home until he or she has had all the vaccines!

Parvovirus is alive and well in Phoenix and we don’t want your furry baby to be exposed to it before they are fully protected.

Many pet owners choose to microchip their pets during a spay or neuter.

A very quick procedure installs a small chip between the animal’s shoulders.

This chip can be scanned by veterinarians and shelters if your pet gets lost, and will provide your contact information to them for a rapid reunion.

We can also answer any questions you may have regarding behavior, training or other concerns.