Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Edwards is excited to offer Medivet Regenerative Therapies to her patients.

She has performed stem cell therapy on nearly 100 patients since 2012 with excellent results.

She has given numerous presentations on the benefits of stem cell therapy throughout the Phoenix area.

Here’s what one pet owner said:

I did research on stem cell therapy and found that MediVet was the best company, so I asked them for the recommended veterinarians in my area.

I interviewed a few and selected Dr. Edwards.

Murphy, our Irish Wolfhound, is an important member of our family.

Not only did Murphy do well with the stem cell therapy, he loved going to the clinic!

We could not have been more pleased with Dr. Edwards.

She is intelligent, dedicated, and truly loves animals.

She had done extensive research in stem cell therapy and believes in the benefits.

Even though the office is about an hour from our home, it is worth the drive. Without her, Murphy would have had to be put down due to his injuries and inability to walk.

~Vicki B.

What is Medivet Regenerative Therapy?

* It’s the body healing itself, with a little help from Dr. Edwards and her staff.

* It’s an all natural process that awakens and mobilizes the body’s repair (stem) cells and healing proteins.

* Regenerative therapy is highly effective in alleviating pain due to arthritis, hip dysplasia, and other joint problems because it ACTUALLY REPAIRS the bones and joints.

* The benefits last a long time, and can be extended by cryogenically preserving some of the cells harvested for later use. It’s an excellent alternative to pain-relieving drugs.

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