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Dr. Velvet Edwards

Dr. Velvet Edwards is a trusted veterinarian with a passion for the pets she treats and the families they share their lives with.  Growing up in Wisconsin, Dr. Edwards was the kid who brought home every stray or injured animal she found and she has been caring for them ever since.  She is dedicated to providing expert care for pets, and determined to provide accurate information about their care to their families.  Dr. Edwards has a special interest in stem cell regenerative medicine.

Dr. Edwards never grew out of that kid who takes in animals in need, and that is how she came to share her life with 9 cats, 3 dogs and a tortoise.  Her commitment to leading edge veterinary medicine combined with her unmatched love and passion for what she calls "our other family members" make her one of the most trusted and sought-after veterinarians in the Greater Phoenix area.


Technical Staff

Andrew Wilken  

Cats and dogs are very therapeutic to Andrew.  He says it's not work if you love what you do.  He enjoys meeting the people and animals who visit the hospital each day.  Andrew has been truly impressed by the commitment owners have to their pets, taking the time and doing what is necessary to care for their animals.  Ever since he was five, Andrew chased lizards through his back yard just to watch and identify them and document their markings.  

Andrew would like to find ways to volunteer to help pets and their owners.

Andrew is retired military, has a lovely wife Katie (who he met while in the military), and together they enjoy their wonderful son Jamie.  They also have 5 dogs (Pippa & Bandit - Pugs, Roxy - GSH Pointer, Dallas - Daschound, amd Dutchess - just a Big Dog!) and let's not forget Justice, the regal Bearded Dragon. 

Rosie Quijada

Rosie got into veterinary work because she loves animals. 

The thing she loves best about her job is being able to help the sick pets that come in and help make them feel better. 

Rosie has two dogs, Snickers (a Lab mix) and Keima (an Inu Akita).  She has four children and enjoys hanging out with family and friends.






 Administrative Staff

Dave Smith

Dave has called Phoenix home since 2003.  Born and raised in Milwaukee, his corporate career as an Operations executive with NewellRubbermaid and Division President at Fiskars took him to Ohio, Illinois, Florida and Boston. 

His daughter relocated to Phoenix after finishing college, which helped Dave and his wife decide to retire here as well.  Shortly after moving, his wife Mary passed away, from complications with TYPE 1 diabetes. His son Brian also passed away 3 years ago from the same disease.

Dave enjoys spending time with his daughter and her family, whether at a Sunday cookout, swim meet or Tae Kwon Do class.  The three grandchildren, aged 6,8 and 11 keep everyone very busy!  He also enjoys golf, watching sports of any kind, the Green Bay Packers (GO PACK!), gardening, camping and exploring our National Parks.  He is a real history buff and makes a point to be informed of current national and world affairs.

Dave has two cats, Roxy, a 17 yr old tabby cat, and Smoke, a recent rescue (also known as Gargantuan!).  Daisy, his faithful supervisor and companion, is a sweet Yellow Lab, rescued two years ago.

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