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Pecan Grove is pleased to offer several programs to help make your pet's care more affordable.

Please explore these options or call and ask which program would be best for you and your pet.




Pet Healthcare Savings Program

United Pet Care is a membership savings program.

Covers sick, well-care and accidents

No claim forms, waiting periods or deductibles

All pets eligible — no exclusions

No “Annual Dollar” limitations

Unlimited visits for all pre-existing medical conditions.  

Click on logo, or go to www.unitedpetcare.com, to learn more and sign up.


CareCredit is a healthcare credit card that provides several financing options for your pet's health care, based on the amount you wish to finance.  Click on logo, or go to www.carecredit.com, to learn more and to sign up..  


Pet Insurance - If you have pet insurance, you may submit your paid invoice to them for reimbursement of expenses based on your insurance's companies policies and benefits.


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